Rewards Pay Out for Individual


Pool Pay Out

Pool Benifit


Rs: 200
Rs: 200
Rs: 150
Rs: 750
UBR T-Shirt
Rs: 100
Rs: 2500
Rs: 50
Rs: 6250
Domestic Tour
Rs: 40
Rs: 25000
National Tour
Rs: 30
Rs: 93750
International Tour
Rs: 20
Rs: 312500
Rs: 10
Rs: 781250
Rs: 10
Rs: 3906250


Rs: 5128450

Are you worried about the right future plan for you?

well, Ubr-Edge brings you the most scientific process to determine and pursue your ture self.Check your DMIT score and get well funded by the "Individual benefit plan". Let the barriers disappear and start chasing your dreams.Because your future in your hand. Isn't, it?.
Once you enrolled any of the facilities provided by Ubr-Edge you will be registered with "Individual benefit plan" .Here once you registered with the "Individual benefit plan", you will automatically get into our payment structure. Now, the whole concept went down to an old proverb.

"The more the merrier"

The more we get. the more you recieve . ohh! Did we just forget to mention that you can earn with minimum effort? Yes, it is true. This structure is designed in a different payout income method.Which makes it unique from the other existing money schemes in the market.SO, What makes it different from Other?
While Creating this structure, we wanted to make sure that whoever becomes part of this venture,will be earning a future defining amount for themselves. We do not promote shortcuts. it is totally upto us and all the members of this venture,including you,to earn the profit and share it among us. And, we are not taking about all money here, obviously money is important, but also we will be providing you National and international trips and a car. Depends on the structure payout system.

So, no more days dreaming, It is time to full fill your dreams.
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