Business Plan

Improve Customer Satisfaction.
Establish or improve brand "UBR" awareness.
Find new product or service.
Expand product or service lines.
Decrease time to market.
Improve employee satisfaction.
Increase management communication.
Reduce operational costs.
Generate new sources of revenue.
Become more entrepreneuria.

Business with us

Business Opportunity

With our future plans of expansion and development for our UBR franchise network in India, we welcome anyone seekeing a Franchise Business opportunities in Education and Technology, Profesional Counselors and Medical Practitioners to join us. UBR is a new concept to India but has a rich and scientific history and has documentation of research data and results.

Business Partner Program

UBR Lab Legal a unique partnership opportunity to help your business grow 30 to 40% face learning difficulties and flourish. We believe that growth can be successfully achieved through partnerships and alliances. If you are interested in charting out a 3-4cr. students need a Career Counselling successful

Our Mission

We at you "UBR" strongly believe that every human is born with an inborn talent and multiple Intelligence and if one is able to identify his/ her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life. Apart from this we have come across an idea of network marketing where you can fulfill your your dreams with us.

UBR Test Benefits for different Age Group

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Unique Brain research Foundation

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Unique Brain research Foundation

Top reason to take ubr a franchise with us we provide you analysis focused on the meet educational standards.

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we provide outstanding training programs highest standards and operation support we give support with a proven concept along with a professional team we give special attend attention to sales and marketing support for a UBR. franchise we expect only from your side is positive attitude action for counselling and also committed. we have got a team of senior professionals committed to work exclusively with you we are a franchises.
Expectation for franchise office

  • Created issued by UBR (Head Office).
  • Application Forms and Registration Forms, prospectus book etc.
  • Coca Cola.
  • Training to all staff for the franchise office.

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  • Staff may be transfered to any of the branch office as per head office instruction time to time.


  • Developing a range of new products - horizontal expansion.
  • Providing advance courses on Executive Secretary course.
  • Providing training courses for Hospitality Industry (Travel, Tourism,Ticketing, etc.)
  • Training to all staff for the franchise office.  

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  • Persue these steps and more to strengthen the corporate brand develope an umbrella campaign.
  • Upgrade the scale of selecting a better candidates for corporate client's need.
  • Running joint promo with Global Brands.
  • Utilization of top successful candidate reference in the media.

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